Bride Wars

Friday night Cole and I got the chance to go on a date (which are few and far between with us). We decided to catch a movie, so we headed over to Jordan Commons and managed to find a decent parking spot (stay tuned...this situation yielded a hilarious story that I will relate tomorrow). Cole let me choose what movie, so we decided to see Bride Wars. It turned out to be a great choice!

First of all, I love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. Every performance of Kate Hudson's is so reminiscent of her mother, and I absolutely love Goldie Hawn (Overboard, anyone?). I love Anne Hathaway's dry humor. I was expecting a funny movie, and I was not let down.

Kate Hudson's character, Liv, is a tough-as-nails lawyer who's pushy and loud. Anne Hathaway's character, Emma, is an agreeable, fairly soft-spoken pushover. The two met and became friends during tea when they were eight years old. Their binding element? A shared desire to be married in June in the Plaza Hotel. Flash forward 20 years. Both girls get engaged within weeks of each other, and, being best friends, agree to be one another's maid of honor. They set up a meeting with New York's most acclaimed wedding planner, and, much to their joy, both achieve exactly what they've been scheming about since they were children: June weddings at the Plaza. But, of course, a kink in the works always appears. They get a call from the wedding planner, who ashamedly informs them that her assistant made a mistake and booked their weddings on the same day (oh the horror!). They agree that one of them has to move their date; but unfortunately, the next available June date at the Plaza is in three years. Both brides refuse to budge, and what results is a hilarious series of sabotage and one-ups that threaten to destroy their friendship.

I enjoyed this movie for several reasons. First of all, it was fairly clean-cut by the standards of today's rom-coms. No gratuitous sex scenes, no foul language, no violence (except a hilarious scene where the brides wrestle each other to the ground in their wedding dresses and all you can see is a mountain of tulle)...it was rated PG. I can't remember the last time a good date movie came out with a rating like that!
Second, it showed a different side of a wedding story than is usually portrayed. Usually a wedding movie is all about conflict between the bride- and groom-to-be. In this movie, the grooms got little screen time and were really little more than supporting characters. Some critics abhorred this fact, since it DOES stand to reason that the groom should be a major part of a wedding film. I found it refreshing, personally. Many different relationships are tested during the planning and execution of a wedding, and it was nice to see a movie about the relationship of two best friends during their respective weddings. Too much about the grooms would have thrown off the entire concept of the movie.

Third, it hit close to home. How many women have gotten married, had a friend get married, or even just had a love-hate relationship with a friend that, at times, escalated into all-out warfare? I dare say most, if not all, women have experienced at least one of these events. It certainly made me think about the kinds of friends I've had and still have. How many friends have I had that I loved so much that I could hate them so much? I can only think of two. One was in middle school and high school. We were in the same LDS ward growing up, and if we weren't together, we were in a huge fight. We aren't as close anymore because our lives went in different directions, but I'm pretty sure that if we were still best friends it would be the same now. I find myself missing her at times. The other friend was in college. We became roommates during my junior year at BYU and quickly became practically inseparable. We did all sorts of crazy things together and had a lot of deep, soul-baring conversations. After I got engaged, things got tense between us, and our relationship deteriorated almost to the point of hatred. I didn't speak to or hear from her for almost a year. During that time, I think we both cooled off and realized that we were being silly, and now we're friends again, despite living in different cities. When I think of best friends I've had in life, these two people certainly are at the top of my list, and I'll always think fondly of them, no matter where I am in life.

This is a great movie for anyone to see, but I particularly recommend seeing it with your girlfriends. It'll make you realize just how worthwhile a good friend can be.

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lyssaloy said...

I am totally going to see this now!! I LOVE Kate Hudson too... and Overboard... need I say any more?! I am so excited!!

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