25 Things Tag

This tag has been floating around Facebook for a really long time. I finally did it today, and I decided to post my answers on the blog as well for those people who don't have Facebook.

The rules: list 25 things about yourself and tag friends to do the same.

1. I sometimes think in movie quotes.
2. I ALWAYS have a song in my head. Even if I'm thinking of something else, there's always a song there playing in the background.
3. I would rather die a painful death than eat a mushroom.
4. I really enjoy it when I say something that makes someone else laugh. I enjoy it so much that I can't help but laugh at myself out of pride: "ha ha! I'm SO funny!"
5. If someone plays a note on the piano, 99% of the time i can correctly tell you what note it is (My brothers think this trick is awesome).
6. I always have an "E" in my head, and if someone told me to sing any random note, there's a good chance it would be an "E".
7. I loathe odd numbers, particularly anything with a 7. They just make me feel icky. The only exception is 5 or anything with a 5--I'm not really sure why, though. (ironic that this ended up being fact #7!)
8. I love the smell of clean laundry. When I was pregnant, I actually craved that smell. I'd carry a dryer sheet around with me so I could smell it when a particularly strong craving came along.
9. The sight of dead fish gives me the willies.
10. I have a disgusting obsession with popping zits. It's cathartic for me--perhaps it represents my need to relieve the pressure I feel in my life. :)
11. I love the feel of sticky objects, like tape. When I was a little kid, I always had to have a Band-Aid to play with when I'd go to sleep. My parents switched me to tape because it was cheaper. To this day, if I have something sticky in my hand, I'll play with it until it no longer has any stick left.
12. I taught myself to read when I was 4 years old. My told me he was too tired to read me a story and told me to read it instead, and, to his surprise, I did.
13. I laugh hysterically at Kyle when he throws tantrums.
14. When I get nervous/bored, I tug on my right earlobe. It is slightly longer and stretchier than my left earlobe because of this.
15. I am EXTREMELY self-conscious about my hair. Even if I'm totally happy with how the rest of me looks, I feel frumpy and hideous if my hair is not exactly the way I want it.
16. I am an angry driver. I yell a lot (and occasionally curse) when I'm driving.
17. I crave salty food WAY more than I ever crave sweets.
18. I have only kissed two guys besides my husband.
19. If I have a task that requires an exact number of something, I have to count and re-count it at least 3 times. I know I know how to count, but I'm so afraid that I'll make a mistake that I have to double and triple check.
20. I'm right-handed, but I text a million times faster with my left hand.
21. Sometimes my brain moves faster than my mouth, and when my mouth can't keep up I mush up words and totally sound like I have a speech impediment.
22. I don't think there's ANYTHING I can't do after having a baby.
23. When I was in third grade, I got the bright idea to shave my arms and legs ("Hey, Daddy shaves the hair on his face; that must mean I should shave my arm and leg hair"). I still have a scar on my right arm from that experience.
24. Ny-Quil always makes me gag. I'd rather lose sleep than take it.
25. Sometimes I'm relieved when I have to haul Kyle out of Sacrament Meeting. It means I can sit in the comfortable rocking chairs in the mother's lounge and fall asleep.

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