Temple Day

Saturday was a wonderful day.

Cole and I got the chance to attend the Mt. Timpanogos temple with my cousin, Scott, who was receiving his endowments on Saturday morning. It was a wonderful session. Practically my entire temple-going family was there (minus Chris and Brittany and my uncle and aunt who live in Colorado), and I decided there is no greater thing in the world than to be in the Celestial room surrounded by your family. I was so overcome with love and appreciation for a gospel that enables families to be together forever.

The situation felt strikingly parallel to my own first session in the temple almost 3 years ago. Even though the surroundings were slightly different (but fairly similar, since my first time was at the Bountiful temple, which bears a striking resemblance to Mt. Timpanogos), I experienced many of the same feelings and impressions on Saturday as I did my first time through. It was as though I was experiencing it for the first time all over again. It made me so glad I live so close to so many temples and have the opportunity to attend whenever I choose.

Saturday evening, my family had tickets for the open house of the newly completed Draper, UT temple (pictured above). The last temple open house I'd been to was Mt. Timpanogos, more than 10 years ago. I remember walking through that temple, wondering and dreaming and wishing for a time when I would be able to walk through its hallways, fully a participant in all of the sacred ordinances. This time, my perspective was vastly different, especially since I had been to the temple just that morning. The Draper temple itself is beautiful. I love that the Church spares no expense when building temples. It shows the world that nothing is more important to us than the places where the work of salvation is done. I urge everyone who has the opportunity to go see it before it is dedicated.

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