Baby Tag

1.Where were you when you first found out that you were pregnant? At home.

2.Who was with you? Cole, of course.

3.How did you find out that you were pregnant? I had been experiencing pregnancy symptoms for a while, but I didn't want to take a test--I didn't want the disappointment if I wasn't pregnant. Cole finally made me take a pregnancy test.

4.What was your first reaction to finding out you were pregnant? Pure excitement. Cole's was "I told you so!"

5.Who was the first person you told? My little brother, Daniel. He guessed, so we had to tell him.

6.Did you plan to get pregnant? Yes; we just didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

7.Did you tell everyone else right away? We waited until I was about 9 weeks along. We wanted to wait a little longer, but we were too excited.

8.Was everybody happy for you? They were thrilled. This was my parents' first grandchild and my maternal grandparents' first great-grandchild.

9.Did you go out and celebrate? Sort of. The next day was Fast Sunday, so I celebrated by not fasting (because I was pregnant and all.) :)

10.Did you want to find out the sex? Of course! I'm way too curious to let something like that remain a surprise. Besides, my mom wanted to go shopping.

11.What was the sex? Boy! The first Christensen grandson!

12.Did anyone throw you a baby shower? My sister, with assistance from my mom.

13.Did you get any outfits at the baby shower that you just knew that you wouldn't put on your baby? No, but there were some that Kyle never got to wear because he grew too quickly.

14.How much weight did you gain? Somewhere between 35 and 40 pounds.

15.Did you lose all of the weight that you gained? I was back to pre-pregnancy weight by six weeks postpartum. Of course, then I gained it all back...:(
16.Did you get any stretch marks? You mean, there are people who DON'T get stretch marks? Where do I sign up for that?

17.What did you crave the most? Salt. Anything salty did the trick.

18.Did you crave anything crazy? Dry-roasted peanuts. I never craved anything weird, though.

19.Who or what got on your nerves? I can't really remember if anything got on my nerves. I was a pretty even-tempered pregnant woman. :) (Cole may disagree with that)

20.Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? I had a tiny problem with elevated blood pressure when I was about 26 weeks and then during labor. If you want to do something difficult, try giving a urine sample while you're ginormously pregnant and enduring hard contractions every 4 minutes--I had to do that because of my b.p.

21.Where and when did you go into labor? I never spontaneously went into labor. I was started on pitocin at Timpanogos Regional Hospital.

22.Did your water break? Not on its own. My doctor broke it later in my labor.
23.Who drove you to the hospital? Cole...although I could have done it myself, since I wasn't actually in labor.

24.Who was in the room when you gave birth? Cole and the medical personnel.

25.Did you go early or late? I went exactly a week late.

26.How long were in labor for? Just over 12 hours: 7:00 am to 7:06 pm on October 18, 2007.

27.Did you have any drugs for the pain? Sure did. Epidural city!

28.Did you go natural or have a C-section? Natural. I wanted to laugh in the face of the nurse midwife who told me I'd probably have to have a c-section because of Kyle's size.

29.What was your first reaction after giving birth? Honestly? Relief. Pushing a baby out is hard work!

30.How big was the baby? 9 pounds, 8 ounces, 22 inches long. I don't think there is anything I can't do after birthing a nearly ten pound baby!

31.Did your husband cry? A little. Surprisingly, a lot less than I thought he would.

32.What did you name the baby? Kyle Steven Christensen

33.Does his name have any significant meaning? We liked the name Kyle; plus, we figured we needed a short first name, since Christensen is pretty long. Steven is Cole's middle name and Cole's father's first name. We thought that was appropriate, since Kyle is Steve's first grandson (after 3 granddaughters).

34.Did you have any visitors? My sister visited both during my labor and after Kyle was born. My parents and two younger brothers came about an hour after Kyle was born (I hadn't even been moved out of labor/delivery/recovery to my hospital room). All of Cole's brothers and their families came the next day. My maternal grandparents and a few of my aunts and uncles came as well.

35.Did the baby have any complications? Nope! Healthy as a horse.

36.How old is your baby today? One year, two months, and three weeks.

37.When is the next one coming? In five months...just kidding! Hopefully we'll have another one in the next year to year and a half.

38.If you could, would you do it all over again? Absolutely. Having Kyle was one of the most worthwhile things I've ever done, and I'm looking forward to the next time!

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Katie said...

I am SO tagging myself with this one! How fun! Talk about memory lane. It was fun to hear about all the experiences that resulted in Kyle.

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