Review Time!

So last night Jessica and I went to Hillcrest High School's Production of Seussical the Musical. Now keep in mind that I was in two plays at Hillcrest: Oklahoma and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Jessica was in Joseph and Footloose. so, we are well versed in the ways of plays in high school. Furthermore, both of our moms have been involved with the choral department at Hillcrest and the plays. My mom was involved for over ten years covering every play possible. Jessica's mom has been doing it for almost as long, and has been even more involved with the productions of the plays. This year she handled all of the costumes, and sewed half of them for almost a month straight. Anyway, so we know that usually there are some screw ups with these plays including missed lines, mics cutting out, leads singing off key, and horrible lighting. Most of all, you usually get half of the cast that doesn't care too much about the play, so they kind of only go at half. Anyway, on to my review and thoughts of..........

So, the play started right on time, and started with this little boy who is the one imagining everything in the play. Now that person was played by none other than my very talented and amazing brother-in-law Daniel. Now, I will leave him out of this for now and come back to him in his own little paragraph. The show was amazing from beginning to end. It is the first play that I have ever watched where I have been so enthralled from start to finish. There was so much detail put into everything in the play. Every single costume was different, the set was so amazing, and every single cast member was so talented. There was only one time where there was a noticeable problem with the mics, and one time where a cast member tripped when dancing. I was very impressed with all of the leads especially the Grinch, the Cat in the Hat, Jojo (Daniel), and Horton. Every single member of the cast was going 100%! That doesn't happen very often, especially in large casts like Hillcrest always has.

I will honestly say that Seussical was the best play that I have ever watched, and that includes the two that I was in. I am very proud of my brother-in-law Daniel, and now I will say something about him. I have been in the Kenner family for almost three years and known them for more than 15 years. Daniel has always been the comic relief for the family, and the performer. Daniel was the boy/Jojo in the play, and he was amazing. He starts off the play on stage, and is probably in 80% of the show. He is always running around, singing or dancing, he never broke character, and was always fun to watch. He has the most amazing voice that I have ever heard, and he can hit notes that I can only dream of. There are a lot of women that would be jealous of some of the notes he hits. He was never off key, and was always singing his little heart out. He had great chemistry with every character he was involved with. Daniel is amazing, have I said that yet? Ok, that is enough of that, and if Daniel reads this, I love you to death! I seriously look "up" to you for all of your goodness and kindness, and all of your hilariousness. You did amazing! See you on closing night.
I will wrap this up, it was an amazing play for adults, children and families. It runs through Saturday if anyone wants to see it. Have a great day!

Isn't he a stud?

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