For Ever and For Always

My little brother got married on Saturday! It was a really LONG day, but a really good one. I learned a very valuable lesson, too.

My siblings and I are very close. There's five of us in a six year span, so we very literally grew up together. This has made us very protective of one another. When Chris and Brittany first started dating, I was worried for a few reasons: 1-Chris had recently been horrendously dumped by the girl that wrote him all through his mission; 2-Brittany had just turned 18 and had not yet graduated from high school; 3-They got serious REALLY fast. My protective instincts kicked in like a reflex, and I was very quick to judge and dislike Brittany. I always tried to treat her nicely, because I knew Chris felt very strongly about her and I wanted to trust his judgment. Before we knew it, they were engaged and planning a wedding.
Now, I've planned a wedding myself, and I knew that emotions tend to run high, and that the tiniest things out of place can send a person careening off into insanity. Despite this knowledge, I found it so easy to criticize and poke fun and eye-roll. I mentally compiled a rather long list of reasons why Brittany was not right for Chris. But, I was either too chicken or too respectful to voice my concerns to Chris. So, the wedding plans continued...
After what seemed like years, the wedding day finally arrived, and I found myself sitting in sealing room A of the Salt Lake Temple, waiting for the bride and groom. As I watched them come in, I suddenly realized something: it didn't matter what I thought. I saw my brother's face and the happiness and love that it radiated as he looked at Brittany, and all my concerns melted away. I felt strongly that he was exactly where he needed to be, and that he had chosen a wonderful young woman to spend eternity with.
Congratulations and much love to Chris and Brittany Kenner! I'm truly so happy for you both, and I'm so excited for the chance to get to know my new sister-in-law.


Fernelius' said...

I am happy to hear that you are feeling better about the two of them together. I knew it would happen soon or later, I think we(extended family) have all had some reservations about how young Brittney is and how fast the relationship has been. It was amazing to be in the sealing room and to see the glimmer in each of their eyes. Love the pic of Kyle in his suit, so handsome! best to you and cole

Katie said...

I've had similar experiences when attending temple sealings... somehow all your doubts and speculations seem to melt away when you see how happy the couple is to be together.

I also recently graduated from The Only Married Child In My Family club. I AM SO EXCITED. My little sister got married in June, and I couldn't be happier about it. It will be nice to go on dates with them, have our kids play together someday, etc. Life is good.

Kyle is SO handsome! Sounds like he and Joshua are in similar stages... walking when no one's looking... hahaha.

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