Feng Shui

I now have increased respect for feng shui. Not that what I've done is actual feng shui...but I believe that rearranging the furniture in a room CAN improve your mood!

Cole, Kyle, and I have been living at my parents' house since the middle of April. At the beginning, we only intended it to be for a month or two while we found an apartment. It turned into several months while we saved to possibly buy a home at the beginning of next year. Now, it seems that we'll be there for a year total. Cole has applied for the Hilton management program, which he will most likely be entering next May/June. What does this mean? Well, it means that we'll be picking up and moving somewhere in the country (Cole says Tennessee is looking like the most likely at the moment) so Cole can train as a manager at another Hilton. Ergo, we've decided it would be prudent to stay with my parents until we move, because finding an apartment for only six months would be difficult, and we'll able to save more money for the BIG move next year.

Since we didn't expect to stay in my parents' basement for so long, we left the majority of our stuff in a storage unit, including Kyle's crib. He's been sleeping in a pack n' play for the last 4 months. Yesterday Cole pulled the crib out so Kyle has a more comfortable place to sleep, so we had to figure out a way to fit it in our room. Crazy feng shui rearrangement ensued. If Cole had his way, he would rearrange the furniture in any and all of the rooms of the house every week, but I have always been reluctant to change anything like that. The furniture in our room (which was my room growing up) has been arranged the same way ever since my family moved into this house almost 14 years ago. I am surprisingly happy with the results! In fact, I feel more organized and neat. I'll never roll my eyes at Cole's spontaneous redecorating again.


Jay and Natalie said...

Wow--moving cross-country. You're getting so big :( Sounds scary--but Tennessee is BEAUTIFUL.

The other day, I pushed our bed over about five inches so it was exactly centered on the wall. Even THAT little change made me feel good :) You're funny, Jess.

Danielle and the Boys said...

this is funny. every time my v.t. comes over she comments on how my house looks different than the month before. I am always moving my furniture around just so it will look different for awhile. I think its more fun that way. good luck with everything!

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