So, my blogging has been sparse lately--a combination of working (seemingly) all the time and just not having anything exciting to say. I thought I'd break my silence by doing one of the "tags" that I've seen floating around on other blogs.

10 years ago: Let's see--1998. I had just finished my first year of middle school. That's about all I remember. Seriously.

5 years ago: 2003, the summer after graduation. I was lazy and hadn't found a job, so I sat on my behind all summer, bored out of my mind. I was dating Jeff Ashton (which sounds so weird to me now that we're both married to other people) and preparing to start BYU in the fall. My stake youth conference for that year was a pioneer trek, so I walked 36+ miles through the scrub and dirt of Wyoming with a "family" of people that I'd never spoken to prior to this event, and had the time of my life.

5 months ago: February 2008. I was in my second month back working at the Provo Marriott after being off with Kyle for 3 months. Kyle began rolling over every time we laid him down, so I had to be especially careful where we put him. We got stuck on the freeway for hours in one of the worst snowstorms I've ever seen while trying to come up to see my brothers in their Renaissance Feast and ended up missing the entire thing.

5 things on my "to do" list:
1. lose some poundage (I've gained 50 lbs in the two years since I've been married...yikes! I can't blame it all on the pregnancy, either)
2. fold and put away my clean laundry (I never seem to have time to do it, so we live out of laundry baskets sometimes :S)
3. save more money to put toward buying a house (why is it that money always seems to be gone the instant we get it?)
4. spend as much time as possible with my cute husband and son
5. go to bed earlier (I never seem to get to bed before 1 a.m. these days, and Kyle gets up at 7 like clockwork, so I'm losing out on a lot of sleep)

5 of my favorite snacks:
1. goldfish crackers (I have to fight Kyle for them now--it's his new favorite snack too)
2. yogurt
3. Milky Way Midnight candy bars
4. dry roasted peanuts
5. french fries
(wow, now I can see why I'm not losing weight very well! Ü)

5 purchases:
1. a new catalytic converter before August (unfortunately, that's what all our savings are going for right now--we need our car to pass emissions)
2. diapers and wipes (a constant when you have a baby)
3. a new digital camera
4. Rock Band for the Wii (totally more on our wish list than our actual purchase list, though)
5. gas for the car (sigh)

5 places I've lived:
1. Springfield, OR
2. Orangevale, CA
3. Clovis, CA
4. Sandy, UT
5. Springville, UT

5 things you may not know about me:
1. I am deathly afraid of falling. Not heights, falling. I don't mind being up high as long as there's no chance that I'll fall off the edge of something. Plus, even falling off a curb or tripping when I'm walking across a flat surface gives me that "heart in your throat, rush of panic" feeling.
2. I have a mild (but undiagnosed) case of OCD. Many, many things in my life have to be "just so" or it makes me crazy. My clothes have to face the same way in my closet and are arranged first by sleeve length and then color; I always have to eat bite size food in pairs (one for each side of my mouth), and if I have an odd number, I bite the unpaired item in half...etc. I have so many quirks that it's hard to think about them all. It definitely makes Cole crazy sometimes.
3. I really, really enjoy helping people. There's just something about going the extra mile to make someone's day better and the way his/her face lights up when you do something for them that's completely unexpected that just gives me a thrill.
4. I've graduated from college and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
5. I absolutely love being pregnant. The downsides (i.e. morning sickness, fatigue, etc.) are nowhere near enough to overshadow the wonderful feelings that come with carrying a child.

5 best friends throughout life:
1. Cole (always and forever!)
2. Megan Orton, Kristen Carter, and Jennica Pickett (Can this count as one? We were all extremely tight in high school, and I couldn't pick just one of them as my "best" friend)
3. my mom
4. Natalie Mossi Sadler (she was there for me during the hardest time of my life with a listening ear and reassuring words. I can't even count how many times we avoided homework and sleep and instead spent hours talking about everything under the sun)
5. Jeff Ashton (again, weird to think about now that we're married to other people, but it still doesn't make it any less true)

5 things I love:
1. hearing Kyle laugh
2. the smell and feel of the earth after a good rainstorm
3. Sunday afternoon naps with my two favorite boys
4. sitting with my brothers and sister and talking for hours about ridiculous and random things
5. knowing that my family is mine forever and ever


Danielle and the Boys said...

goodness, I didn't know a LOT of that! that was interesting about the whole ocd thing...i think i have a mild version of it too. but just not in as many areas. and the whole weight thing, amen for me too! Although i say that as i'm chewing on a piece of licorice, go figure. :)

Jay and Natalie said...

Mildly OCD? Jessica Kenner Christensen? No, it couldn't be!!!! JK, I totally know how you roll on that one :) It's nice to know you make your family such a high priority in your life! I love hearing that about you! You're a great mommy I'm sure :)

kaseygrey said...

hahaha, I need to read your blog more! We need to get you, me, Meg and Jennica together again.

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