Kyle's Afternoon With Dad

This is Cole blogging by the way. So today Kyle and myself decided to take a trip downtown together on TRAX. So we got on TRAX and started towards downtown. Kyle was fascinated with the train, he would stare out the window and laugh every time another train would go by. It was hilarious! We got downtown and walked to the Hilton to pick up my check. Now most babies around this age start to get weird around strangers, nope not Kyle. As soon as I got into the office he wanted to play with all the girls in the office. He went to them and laughed and talked the whole time. I think maybe we should be worried! We then left the Hilton and walked to the bank where he decided to smile at the girl teller while being cranky towards me. We then left and got back on TRAX, by this time Kyle is hungry and fed up with me. So he decides to start talking to the girl sitting next to us, and making her laugh. By the time we got off, he had at least 10 women smiling at him and telling me how cute he is. We got home, and waited on the grass for mommy to get home. It was fun all in all, but I have learned some things.

Things I learned:

1. Never just carry a baby anywhere after 6 months if longer than 20 minutes. Kyle is heavy, I should have brought the stroller.
2. Remind myself that Kyle is a social butterfly hence leaving his teenage years curfew at 9pm!
3. Never take the diaper bag out in public while by myself. It is purple with pink dots!
4. Never go downtown on TRAX to return during rush hour, too many people on one train. Brings back memories of five hour bus rides in Brazil.
5. Maybe it's best to go out in public with my lovely wife by my side, you don't see many 24 year old men walking around with their babies.
6. To thank my wife more often for all that she does for Kyle, and having the great personality he inherited.

*NOTE FROM JESSICA: We do NOT have a purple diaper bag. It's navy blue with WHITE polka dots. I've told Cole this a thousand times, but he doesn't believe me. By the way, he's color blind...


Oh, the Pain!

This is an accurate depiction of life for the Christensens lately. Kyle recently cut an eye tooth and is vigorously working on cutting the second. For some reason, he's had an incredibly hard time getting it through the gums. Ergo, we get little sleep at night, and our typically cheerful, happy baby has turned into Oscar the Grouch (literally--he also likes to climb in our garbage cans...but that's another story...). He's also developed the quirk of playing with his own hair when he's tired...but only on the right side. So, when we laid him down to sleep the other night, he assumed the "oh, my aching head" position, and I caught a good picture of it. Hopefully soon that tooth will emerge, and we'll have a happy little vampire rather than a grouchy little green monster.

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