My Final Graveyard Shifts!

So it is Friday morning 2:24 AM, and I am doing my second to last graveyard shift. I just thought I would post another quick post to describe to you how pointless it is for me to be here at work right now. I arrived at 11 PM and immediately had 10 phone calls, and had to help check some people in. I also had a lady ask me if I was black or white, and when I said I was white she hung up on me. Then at about 11:20 PM it gets really exciting........... ok, no it doesn't. It is now 2:27 AM and I have not had a single phone call, or have had to help in any way. Looking at the security monitors I see the bellman smoking in the bell closet, the front desk agent asleep at her computer, the engineer and housekeeping guys eating their tenth bowl of free cereal in the cafeteria. Oh yeah, and we only have one check-in to go. Ok, I got it all out! Luckily I only have one more night to do this, than I am permanently at the front desk, and hopefully moving into management by October. I love my job, but I don't get why they are paying me to sit back here to watch movies and blog all night long.

Furthermore, it raises the question, why do all night jobs get paid more than day jobs? I was making $12 an hour working nights two years ago being a trash man at a food plant. Chris my brother-in-law gets paid pretty good to do even less than me. I don't get it! Although I do have to say, being a trash man at the food factory was tough work, and they always wanted me to switch to their day crew because they needed people, but cut my pay by $3 an hour. Why not pay the same, as to keep fully staffed. For example, the regular night guy here at the Hilton makes $11 an hour and the regular day people make $8.50 an hour. Obviously the day people do more and they wonder why they are always short handed during the day and the night guy has worked here for 10 years!


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TheLowe's said...

I can understand how annoying it can be to not have anything to do, but sometimes I always felt I would rather work at night making more having to do less. Less stress, less annoying people to deal with as you often have to in the Hotel industry. I never chose graveyard for some reason but I did love my 5:30 am shift the best when I was on the phones. It was so quiet and chill until 8 am when management came in and then everything changed, but by that time I'd already been there a few hours so my day flew by anyway. In fact, if I had to go back to work one day I think I'd choose a part time graveyard shift (ha! Make Allen get up with the baby at night! j/k) at a hotel. Problem is there isn't another full service hotel here other than the Provo Marriott and there's no chance I'd go back there unless all management quit and a new turn of management came in.
Good luck in SLC!

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