What I Hate the Most

At this moment, what I hate the most is unequivocally NyQuil.

I caught a monster cold this week. It's probably a combination of the crazy weather and my close contact with Cole and Kyle, who had the sniffles last week. I don't know what it is--every time the weather here does those extreme swings from balmy, springtime weather to frigid, winter weather (let's face it, when DOESN'T the weather in Utah do that?), my body fa-reaks out and I end up sneezing and snotty. Gross. Plus, when I'm all sniffly, Cole becomes a
sadist and practically force-feeds me NyQuil. NyQuil, I think, was invented to make sick people forget their illness by preoccupying them with a noxious assault on their tastebuds. I can't even think about taking it without gagging. Cole, of course, thinks it's the most comical thing ever to make me take NyQuil when I'm sick. Plus, the man loves it! When he was sick last week, he guzzled it straight from the bottle! Blech. I'm convinced that NyQuil does practically nothing to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold. I took the "nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so you can rest medicine" last night, and I most certainly did NOT get "the best sleep [I'll] ever get with a cold." And, Cole took it religiously last week and experienced little, if any, relief from his symptoms. So, why should I be forced to take it if 1) I absolutely abhor it; and 2) it doesn't do any good anyway?

And another thing: I think it should be against the laws of
nature for mothers to get sick. Think about it: do they EVER get a reprieve from motherly duties just because they feel like garbage? Nope. Lucky for me, this particular cold has reared its ugly head during our crash of my parents' house, which means that there's a plethora of other people to take care of Kyle while I take a nap.

Speaking of Kyle (and on a more cheerful note, I might add), he has perfected the army crawl, and now spends the majority of his time exploring my parents' floor. He circles rooms two or three times like a pro! Unfortunately, he hasn't quite perfected reverse yet, so when he gets stuck somewhere, he yells until someone comes and helps him. I am now considering buying stock in Spray N' Wash, though. Kyle's front is perpetually covered in dirt and grime that he picks up from the floor when he's scooting around on his belly, no matter how
many times we've cleaned the floor. He most definitely keeps us on our toes!

Shopping with Grandma and Aunt Stephanie. Apparently Stephanie didn't think he had enough hair.

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JayDNatalie said...

I hope things are working out well for you guys with work and looking for a place to stay and whatnot. Sorry you're not feeling well. You're a tough gal, you'll be able to ride it out!

Kyle sure has a lot of hair :)

Have a nice week!

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