My New Job

This is it, the Hilton in Salt Lake City! I am so excited, I have had orientation, and officially start on Monday. I am currently going to be working as a floater for the front office. I will mainly be a PBX Operator, but I will also help out at the front desk and bell stand when needed. It's exciting to be working for the Hilton, and at a bigger hotel. The benefits are better and they love me, so yes, I love my job. So if anyone needs hotel reservations anywhere, I think either Jessica or myself can arrange it for you at a discount price.

I am excited to be working again, but I am sad because I have grown to love being home everyday with my son. He is awesome, we have a ton of fun together! I am happy that Jessica will now be home with him as well. The one thing that is going to be tricky about this is that I work in Salt Lake and Jessica works in Provo. So, we are hoping to move somewhere in between so I can take TRAX, and Jessica can have the car. It is also better, because our families are up here, so we can leave Kyle with any of them during the day. So if anyone knows of any good apartments let us know. We are going to be moving next week, and hopefully find an apartment we can move in to by the first of May. We will be staying with Jessica's parents for a week or two until we find a place.

So, I am excited about my new job, and am excited about moving! I am proud of my wife and all she does for Kyle and me. I also appreciate the support of Jessica's family while we make this transition.

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JayDNatalie said...

You guys are moving to the Salt Lake area? That's awesome!! I'm glad to hear you got a new job! I hope things are all well with your family :)

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