He's Got What? Personality!


"Just a LITTLE bit further..."
Well, almost. Kyle pushes himself up on his knees and scoots across the floor with his forehead on the ground. It takes him a little while, but he gets where he wants to go. I think he's getting a little tired of it, because we keep putting things out of his reach so we can watch him scoot around. But, he's getting smart. We had him on his blanket tonight, and instead of trying to crawl to get Cole's cell phone, he pulled on the blanket to bring it closer to him. I don't know how Kyle knew that would work. It makes tummy time a lot more interesting now, because we never know where Kyle will end up when we leave him on the floor to play. He loves playing on the floor by himself now, though.
Kyle's modeling half-smile
He's so dang cute! His new favorite toy is this "car remote" that makes honking sounds and plays music...lucky us.

He has such a big personality for such a little person. Unfortunately, it's not always bright and sunshiny. He has a tendency to throw a MONSTER fit at mealtimes if I'm not shoveling the food in his mouth quickly enough. Then, he won't open his mouth wide enough for me to fit the spoon in, and he won't calm down until we stick his pacifier in for a minute--resulting in a sticky, goober-y pacifier. I guess it's his way of making sure he has leftovers.

"Mom! If you were going any slower, you'd be in reverse!"

He's become so much more aware of everything around him now. For instance, he now thinks Chubs (our cat) is the coolest thing ever. Chubs, however, thinks otherwise. One evening, Kyle and I were sitting on the couch, and Chubs came up and tried to sit on my lap. Kyle promptly seized two handfuls of Chubs' fur (which is a feat, considering that Chubs has pretty short fur) with his vicelike grip. I was actually pretty proud of Chubs, because he didn't bite or scratch or anything--he just froze until I pried Kyle's hands away, and then ran and hid, which is what he does whenever Kyle is anywhere in his near vicinity. It'll be really interesting when Kyle can crawl after him.

Another example: my sister-in-law recently had a baby, and we went to visit them in the hospital. When we showed his new little cousin, Kimberly, to Kyle, he got the biggest grin on his face. It was so cute. He gets that way when he sees his other new little cousin, Riker (yes, there are now three babies under the age of one in Cole's family, and no, we didn't plan it that way). It's moments like these when I honestly believe that the veil is very thin for infants--it feels to me like Kyle recognizes these new little spirits as his friends from the pre-mortal life, and he's happy to see them here on the other side.

I absolutely love being a mother. I learn more and more every day about life, love, and our Heavenly Father. Kyle is such a special little spirit, and we are so blessed to have him in our home.


JayDNatalie said...

I loved reading this one! You're such a good mommy I can tell :)

He's crawling already? Isaac didn't learn how to crawl until AFTER he walked! And that was on his first birthday. Now you actually have to look back and check on him every few seconds.

I'm worried about how my kitties will react to a new member in the family. I just know that whenever it's a cat, things get pretty ugly for a couple days.

I'm glad you're having such a great time being a mom. It gives me hope :)

P.S., I don't think it's weird we already have a name picked out for our boy. Plus it's a name that pretty much no one has ever named their kid, so I don't know what kind of personality "Copeland" fits.

Danielle and the Boys said...

ohhh....this is a sweet blog! Kyle sounds like he is just learning things left and right. Smart like his mamma! Goodness, Ethan is just taking his dear sweet time. Which I think I'll enjoy seeing that once he's mobile, my house will be destroyed. lol. give him a kiss for me!

lacyksylvia said...

I think it's awesome that Kyle is crawling toward a cell phone. Lyla is OBSESSED with anything electronic (phones, remotes and calculators are her favorite), so we often use those things to motivate her to crawl. Kids are too funny!

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