And I Thought Weeds Grew Fast...

We had a brief rest period before he started cutting another tooth, and now he's sucking and chewing on everything again. Now he's got two little teeth poking through his bottom gums, and we have to be extra careful about letting him chew on our fingers, because boy, are they SHARP!

We went to the doctor for Kyle's 6 month well visit today (6 months!!!), and he's growing like a weed. He gained 2 pounds since his last visit and grew almost an inch and a half. I'm actually surprised he didn't gain more, because he eats ALL the time, it seems. He still takes 6 oz. of formula every two hours, and eats 2 tablespoons each of rice cereal, a fruit, and a vegetable every day. He moves constantly, though, so maybe he's just burning a lot of calories to compensate for his hefty appetite.

Speaking of the doctor's visit, our doctor is so funny (as in weird-funny). Before each well-visit he has parents fill out a questionnaire about their children's developmental milestones. For the six month visit, the questionnaire had questions like "Does your baby make consonant-vowel pair sounds, like 'ka', 'da', 'ba', and 'ga'?" and "When your baby is lying on his back and he drops a toy, does he roll to reach it?" I fill out the questionnaires every time expecting the doctor to read it, but all he does is glance over it to get a general idea of how Kyle is progressing developmentally. Then, while he's doing Kyle's check-up, he's telling me things like "Pretty soon you'll start to hear Kyle pairing consonants with vowels to make simple babbling sounds" and "Now, instead of just forgetting about a toy he drops, Kyle will remember he had it and actively search for it." As he was telling me these things, I was thinking, "Wow, does he even know what questions are asked on that questionnaire? If he did, he would realize that Kyle should be doing these things at least SOME of the time in order to be considered normal." Of course, maybe he DOES know what's on the questionnaire, but he doesn't want to assume that all the children he sees are meeting developmental milestones when they "should" and risk offending worrisome parents. Whatever the reason, it's always comical to me to listen to him tell me things that Kyle should be doing in the near future, since almost all of them are things that Kyle has been doing for quite a while.

Except...Kyle still cannot sit up for the life of him. He's like a Weeble (remember those commercials?). He wobbles, but he actually does fall down. He must have inherited his mother's round booty. It just means he spends a lot more time on his belly, which is probably why he's perfected the army crawl. The other night, he was absolutely fascinated with my shoes, and he followed me all over the room trying to get them...he's getting FAST!

Anyway, in other news, Cole and I soon will no longer be the only married couple in my family. My dear younger brother, Chris, asked his girlfriend to marry him today. It's sudden, but it's exciting. It'll be nice to have another married couple in the family...plus, then Kyle will soon have some cousins to play with! I really like his fiance, but sometimes I just have to laugh at her. She's 18 and graduating in June (yeah...I know), so sometimes she's still a little silly. For example, when we were talking about when they were planning on having children, she said "Oh, I'm going to wait until I'm way older...at least late 19." *giggle* The most important thing is that Chris is happy. I want all of my siblings to someday be able to find someone who makes them as happy as Cole makes me. Eternal marriage is great, no?


Danielle and the Boys said...

goodness gracious...our kids are worlds apart as far as what they can do. lol. your doctor says things like he does for babies like mine. :):):) although ethan can sit up for awhile now without falling over. He's chunky enough that he has a large base to support him! haha. your little guy sure is handsome...good luck with the crawling baby!

JayDNatalie said...

I love reading this every day, it's so fun :)

I'm sure Kyle is cute as heavens. He's a smart boy like his mommy!

Those shoes were super cute . . . I wish I could wear cute, tall shoes without looking like a giant compared to Jay!

P.S., Happy birthday Weenar!

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