Wonderful News!

So, this week has been a fabulous one for us. Cole has been busy as a bee trying to find a new job, and at the beginning of this week he stopped by the site of a new Hilton-owned hotel that's being built in Sandy. He spoke with a gentleman who turned out to be the General Manager of the hotel, and he urged Cole to apply online for both that property and the Hilton downtown. Well, the downtown Hilton called him almost immediately for an interview, which he went to yesterday. Cole said they told him he was the most qualified of the last 100 applicants they had interviewed/hired, and offered him a job on the spot, pending his references and background checks. If everything goes well (which it should), he'll be working the front desk at the Hilton in Salt Lake. It sounds like an amazing job, and I'm really proud of him.

But that's not all! Also this week the HR director at the Provo Marriott asked me on behalf of our Assistant General Manager to apply for the Rooms Controller position, which is a slight pay raise and SIGNIFICANTLY better hours than I've been working in AYS. After a few brief interviews (that were actually more like orientations), I was given the position, which I start in next week. I never thought that I would actually pursue a career in hospitality, but with this promotion, it's beginning to look like both Cole and I will stick around the hotel business for a while. So, if anyone needs cheap hotel stays at either a Marriott- or Hilton-owned property, we would DEFINITELY be the people to talk to!

This week has been such a testament to me of faith and perseverance. When Cole resigned from his position at the Marriott a month ago, things looked pretty bleak, and there were many times that we wondered how we were going to survive. But, we kept praying and hoping and working, and all in one week it looks like it has definitely worked to our benefit. Now we just need to decide how we're going to work out the logistics of two full-time jobs in two separate cities with only one car.

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Joel said...

Wow guys!! I am so excited for you!! I had no idea that they were going to create that position! I had to do the controlling back in the day... way to go!! I guess we can forgive Cole for switching brands... hope you don't have too many over-dinner arguments, haha just kidding. We were just right by the Hilton Marriott downtown, it is quite nice. Anyway, congrats! I am so glad that everything worked out!

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