Teething Time!

We have officially entered the realm of teething.

Okay, so you can't actually see the tooth very well, but the drool glistening on Kyle's chin is ample proof. His drool has increased ten-fold, it seems, since his first tooth poked through his gums on Tuesday night. It's only BARELY through, but we can feel it and at least I can see it (although Cole claims I'm the ONLY one who can). Luckily for us, Kyle hasn't been too irritable lately...at least during the day. The peaceful nights of sleep we once had have become a thing of the past, and Kyle seemingly refuses to sleep without spending at least part of the night in bed with us. Then, he's the only one who actually gets rest--both Cole and I vigilantly remain in one position so as to not roll over and squish Kyle, and we subsequently wake up with muscle cramps virtually everywhere.

Kyle continues to be spoiled by my family. My parents and two of my little brothers just returned from the Performing Arts Tour to Southern California, of course bearing gifts for Kyle. His two favorites seem to be the stuffed Eeyore from his Uncle Nathan and the stuffed Ewok from his Uncle Daniel. Both are fairly soggy now from his constant sucking and chewing.

We're looking forward to the last of Cole's "Mr. Mom" days. I think it's been nice for Cole to spend some time with Kyle, but we're definitely glad to have Cole going back to work. Then, we won't have problems like this come up anymore-- this morning, when Cole was getting Kyle ready for the day, he forgot to unsnap the onesie and it got stuck around Kyle's head, resulting in a rather comical facial expression for Kyle. It was funny until Kyle realized we were laughing at him, and then he wasn't so amused anymore.


Wonderful News!

So, this week has been a fabulous one for us. Cole has been busy as a bee trying to find a new job, and at the beginning of this week he stopped by the site of a new Hilton-owned hotel that's being built in Sandy. He spoke with a gentleman who turned out to be the General Manager of the hotel, and he urged Cole to apply online for both that property and the Hilton downtown. Well, the downtown Hilton called him almost immediately for an interview, which he went to yesterday. Cole said they told him he was the most qualified of the last 100 applicants they had interviewed/hired, and offered him a job on the spot, pending his references and background checks. If everything goes well (which it should), he'll be working the front desk at the Hilton in Salt Lake. It sounds like an amazing job, and I'm really proud of him.

But that's not all! Also this week the HR director at the Provo Marriott asked me on behalf of our Assistant General Manager to apply for the Rooms Controller position, which is a slight pay raise and SIGNIFICANTLY better hours than I've been working in AYS. After a few brief interviews (that were actually more like orientations), I was given the position, which I start in next week. I never thought that I would actually pursue a career in hospitality, but with this promotion, it's beginning to look like both Cole and I will stick around the hotel business for a while. So, if anyone needs cheap hotel stays at either a Marriott- or Hilton-owned property, we would DEFINITELY be the people to talk to!

This week has been such a testament to me of faith and perseverance. When Cole resigned from his position at the Marriott a month ago, things looked pretty bleak, and there were many times that we wondered how we were going to survive. But, we kept praying and hoping and working, and all in one week it looks like it has definitely worked to our benefit. Now we just need to decide how we're going to work out the logistics of two full-time jobs in two separate cities with only one car.


It Begins!

So begins our descent into the world of blogging.

Life in the Christensen household is good these days. Kyle continues to grow like a weed. He's getting so incredibly mobile--he rolls over onto his tummy the instant he's laid on his back (and then cries because he hasn't quite yet gotten the hang of rolling back), and he arches his back and squirms around to get where he wants to be (for example, out of his swing). Also, we officially gave him his first baby food yesterday. He's been reaching for our food for at least a month, so we decided to let him be a "big boy" and try some bananas with his rice cereal. He absolutely LOVED it! He actually did really well, too. He ended up with very little on his face. We can't believe how big he's getting! He'll be 5 months old in 5 days...where does the time go?

Cole is still at home, playing Mr. Mom. The job market is pretty awful right now. He's had a few interviews, and he continues to apply for anything and everything that he might be qualified for. Of course, his job search has been tempered a bit by his preoccupation with his new toy, the Wii. :) He's getting a little crazy, though, because he really does want to get back to work. He hates being unproductive.

I am working away, still at the Provo Marriott. I'm starting to really miss being at home full-time. It's funny how the grass is always greener on the other side--when I was at home for the first 3 months after Kyle was born, I was starting to get stir-crazy, and I really wanted to get back to work. Now, all I want to do is stay at home. Hopefully something will work out for Cole soon so I can stay home at least part-time.

Anyway, we're all looking forward to springtime and sunshine! We've started to take walks together in the morning when it's nice out, because Kyle LOVES to be outside, and Cole and I can really use the physical activity. Hopefully by the summer we'll be able to step it up to jogging instead of walking. :)
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